"Ringolevio" is a feature dramedy created by Two Scoops Productions, releasing in 2020 as a part of the Dances With Films Festival.

Feature-length Dramedy | 82 minutes




Ada, a reserved young woman with a passion for entomology travels north with Marissa, her free-spirited musician girlfriend.  She's finally 'meeting the family' - the three brothers who helped raise Marissa - the paternal Ozzie, sensitive Arthur, and wild child Wren. As Marissa and her kin settle into their familiar familial dynamics, Ada finds herself on the outside looking in. Desperate to make a good impression over the course of a weekend packed with fun and frivolity, Ada instead struggles to find common ground, opening fissures in the one relationship she needs the most. Funny, lacerating, and tender (often in the same scene), Ringolevio is a sensitive and incisive look at the games we play when trying to connect with one another.